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Ex-actor-turned-writer Richard Rajendra is based out of Hyderabad and has 5 years of screenplay-writing experience. He generated his interest in writing towards 2009 and has continued writing in different genres ever since. He actively shares his write-ups on Instagram and has received a positive reaction to them.

As an experienced freelance writer, Richard has developed the heart of writing in a casual pattern that involves one-way, two-way, three-way and conservative writing style understood by all.  Over the years, Richard has found his stability in Hyderabad and has been writing for several genres and continues to write for the love of publishing the artwork to spread it across to readers.



Books by Richard Rajendra

The story is spoken through the eyes of Hyderabad, where it follows two individuals, Ajith and Rajendra Kumar, whose thirst for power and respect splits the city of Hyderabad into two. Both are victims of their circumstances, where one’s weakness for anger is fueled by betrayal, and the other, who’s an offspring of revenge, fuels his weakness of insecurity. This leads them to a life of crime, creating their version of the mafia to take control of the city.

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