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Rinrei Angkang


With her thoughts multifarious and diverse as the stars in the night sky, Rinreichon Angkang is a budding writer from ukhrul, Manipur, based in Shillong, India   She loves nature and no less, but, reading and writing while “ hope, nature, and society" remain her favorite theme as she writes. She desires to portray the bends and curves of the society to feel tugging at the emotions of the readers as they read the ‘written'. With her writings, she hopes to spur in the minds of the readers how determination and the indomitable spirit of hope can overcome what life throws at us.&nRead More...

Blue is Not One of Her Favorite Colors

Books by Rinrei Angkang


Blue is not one of her favorite colors is a short fiction story and a collection of poems about replacing the purity of nature with the impurities of worldly things—societies living in deception and the dreams of the young being shackled; breaking away from the past and holding on to new light. 

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