Rishikesh Joshi

  An engineer by profession and a writer at heart, Rishikesh has been writing for over a decade. While many of his works have been published in magazines and newspapers, it was only in 2017 he wrote his first book. This is his second. An avid traveler and cinemagoer, he has been journaling experiences in a style of his own, laced with his signature humor. This book is collection of his air travel experiences. Rishikesh works for an Indian multinational as a Vice President at Corporate Center. He shares his time between Bengaluru and Mumbai. Rishikesh has been successful in finding time fRead More...


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Once Again at the Airport

Books by Rishikesh Joshi

I opened Rishikesh’s book with a bit of doubt in my mind. The title suggested that the book was about airports. Airports are nice, cool, comfortable and mostly busy. However, that couldn't be the subject of a book!

But, my curiosity forced me to read on and I must confess I could not put it down. Rishikesh has narrated his experiences at various airports in an extremely humorous manner. His style is simple and touches the heart. His keen observations

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First Day, Last Show

Books by Rishikesh Joshi

“Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”

Lines from well-remembered films, are part of the currency of our everyday speech. Cinematic scenes are unforgettably etched in our minds. Yes, we don’t just watch movies, we internalize them.

How many times your experience of a movie was very different from the reviews you read? You wonder if they were written more objectively and someone like you could tell what to expect? Here is an attempt.

First D

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They want your finger!!

By Rishikesh Joshi in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 679 | Likes: 2

This incident is about 10-year-old but remains fresh in my mind. Those These days I had just recently moved to Tehran (Iran) on a long assignment.  My previous trip, I was staying in a hotel which had wireless access. Now that I was on longer stay, I was staying at guest house, which did not h  Read More...

Published on Apr 14,2020 06:30 PM

Survive Istanbul, Survive the World

By Rishikesh Joshi in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 1,267 | Likes: 3

Hi! I don’t know why I am writing this; it is rather embarrassing.  But the experience was something unforgettable and I can’t hold to myself. It was some years back, when I was visiting Istanbul (Turkey), frequently. There used to be an advertising campaign of a moulded luggage, ti  Read More...

Published on Mar 31,2020 06:56 PM

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