#National Writing Competition

Riya Sikka

Riya born and brought up in Australia is a grade 5 student. Outside her school hours she loves to write, is a passionate karate enthusiast, a singer and an avid reader with Harry Potter at the top of the list. Recently she has been involved in Australian modelling assignments. Deeply steeped in music and arts, Riya derives her inspiration for writing from nature and all stunning elements. This is her first book; she has thoroughly enjoyed penning her inner thoughts into meaningful poetry. Riya lives in Melbourne with her parents.Read More...

Heart and Soul

Books by Riya Sikka

Heart and Soul is a collection of poems on all things beautiful - love, friendship, nature and much more. The poems are simple in nature and come straight from the heart. The book explores the themes that are close to the poet’s heart and soul and wraps up her emotions.



Love can be seen in someone’s eyes

Love at first sight never lies

It’s the feeling that you can’t portray

True love is something th

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