Indie Author Championship #6

Rajendra Joshi

Rajendra Joshi  a social entrepreneur, has been doing development work the urban and rural poor in India through Saath, the NGO he founded in 1989. His experience in development and social entrepreneurship has made a great impact in the low income and slums of Gujarat, and other Indian states. Working in cooperation with several different government, academic and non-governmental organisation and institutions, he has made several interventions to improve the life of those in the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP). By using market-based strategies to create inclusive societies in both poor urban Read More...

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“Saath ensured communities understood not just their rights when it came to basic services but also their responsibilities. With three decades of experience in partnerships for equitable and rights-based urban development, Saath is well positioned not just to be a player, important as that is, but to also be a resource agency, a teacher and a guru, sharing its successes and failures to other institutions who are treading a similar path.” <

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