Robin Abraham

Robin Abraham is a practicing pediatrician presently working in Kerala. He has great passion for environmental and poverty-related issues, and volunteers for the same in his spare time. He has worked to propagate organic farming, and has conducted school health programs as part of a small voluntary effort to build a sustainable world. He maintains a website — to discuss his ideas and the voluntary work that he is doing. He is also a keen observer of current affairs, and obsessively scours news webpages and forums on the Internet. Endless surfing online has given him theRead More...


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The Philosopher Volunteer

Books by Robin Abraham

The Philosopher Volunteer is an adaptation of Plato’s famous ‘Philosopher King’ ideology. Plato wanted society to be ruled by a wise and learned philosopher king. It is tough to argue with Plato, but this book aims to establish that it is easier to create an alternative, the philosopher volunteer.

The world faces four mega crises:

Wealth inequality.

Depletion of natural resources.



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