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Roshmi Roy

Roshmi Roy is the Director of Aptitudes and Skills Training, which imparts training in soft skills and personality development. She has conducted workshops for students, teachers and corporate employees. A gold medalist from La Martiniere, she has a doctorate in English and is also trained in journalism and counseling.  She has been an educator for thirty years, a teacher of Communicative English and English Literature. She is also an avid theatre person. Her previously published work is Sisterhood of Women, which is a literary criticism of the works of American women writers. She now livRead More...

Climbing the Beanstalk

Books by Roshmi Roy

Whatever you want to achieve in life, whatever you want to become, the power to do so lies within you. You must be willing to seize the opportunities that come your way and take the risks involved.

Climbing the Beanstalk is the path you need to take to reach the top. This book outlines the changes you need to make to your personality and the skills you have to enhance. Soft skills is a major area to focus on for your career development. You wi

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All for Love

By Roshmi Roy in Stories | Reads: 81 | Likes: 0

Dev got off the metro at Park Street metro station and walked quickly toward Café Coffee Day where he was supposed to meet Mrinalini at 5 pm. It was Valentine’s Day.  When he had invited her three days ago, she had agreed to come. He had called her twice this morning, but she had not picked up t  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 06:38 PM

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