Rupnarayan Bose

Author, speaker/trainer and faculty on ICC (Paris) rules, trade finance, LCs, international trade related issues.
Author, speaker/trainer and faculty on ICC (Paris) rules, trade finance, LCs, international trade related issues.

Rupnarayan Bose was with the State Bank of India for the major part of his professional career. Later, he served as the managing director of Fina Bank Ltd., Nairobi (Kenya), and also of TransAfrica Bank Ltd., Kampala (Uganda), before returning to India to pursue his interests in academics. Presently, his areas of interest are in trade finance, export-import trade rules and procedure and the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris. He has authored several books on international trade, four of his recent ones being Letters of Credit: Theory and Practice, Beyond Trade Finance.Read More...


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All about UCP 600

Books by Rupnarayan Bose

About the book

As a trade finance professional handling documentary credits, you rely heavily on the ICC (Paris) publication UCP 600. But do you know how it came to be? All About UCP 600 traces the critical stages of the drafting process of the UCP. It examines the major issues that eventually shaped the UCP as we know it today. This book presents:

Ø  Comparative analysis and critical review of all the articles of both

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The ABCs of container shipment

Books by Rupnarayan Bose

For the uninitiated, the world of container shipment could be ‘a jungle out there’. For example, does one know what distinguishes a port from a seaport or a dry port? How does one define a berth, quay, pier, jetty and a CFS? What separates a container depot from a container yard, or a container port from a container terminal? Can one describe all the stages (with variations) of a container’s journey from the seller/exporter to the buyer/imp

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Understanding Trade Finance

Books by Rupnarayan Bose

If you think that you know everything that you need to know about trade finance and the rules that guide them, then this book may come as a pleasant surprise to some of you. 

Before reading this book, it would have been difficult to imagine the varied issues that comprise the world of documentary credit and trade finance. The problems and their solutions will bring home the realisation that mere reading of the rules is not enough. Learning translates t

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If you think that the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris on trade finance and documentary credits have no surprises left for you, then read this book very carefully from cover to cover. Whether you are a trade finance veteran or a recent entrant, the articles in this book will provide you with a few unconventional and unusual perspectives about the UCP and the ISBP rules.

The book discusses selected provisions of UCP 600, and al

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Letters of Credit: Theory and Practice

Books by Rupnarayan Bose

Letters of Credit: Theory and Practice explains in simple English all the important information you’ll ever need on letters of credit (LC). This book provides extensive, easy-to-understand, practical and useful suggestions to help during negotiations, in selecting the right terms of payment, improving operations, reducing errors and risks, facilitating trade and final settlement, and much more.

It is extensively researched, delving deep into the s

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In a 'manner' of speaking - IV

By Rupnarayan Bose in True Story | Reads: 239 | Likes: 0

Episode #4: Chatterbox unlimited I was on my way to Pune. The flight from Calcutta took more than three hours, with one stop in between at Ahmedabad. I always carry with me more than enough reading material whenever I travel. By way of preparation for this flight, I had picked up three newspapers f  Read More...

Published on May 19,2020 10:28 AM

In a 'manner' of speaking - III

By Rupnarayan Bose in True Story | Reads: 242 | Likes: 0

Episode: 3 Place: Departure lounge, domestic airport, Bombay Time: Late afternoon on a Sunday in May 2007 My flight to Calcutta was due to be called after an hour and a half. I had nothing else to do but wait. I picked up several financial and news dailies that were usually placed in the departure  Read More...

Published on May 19,2020 10:26 AM

In a 'manner' of speaking - II

By Rupnarayan Bose in True Story | Reads: 353 | Likes: 0

Episode: 2 Place: The chamber of a senior officer belonging to the WBCS (West Bengal Civil Service), India Time: Mid-morning on a weekday The person I was calling on was the head of the tourism department of the Government of West Bengal. I had gone there to meet him at his office. I had sought prio  Read More...

Published on May 19,2020 10:24 AM

In a 'manner' of speaking - I

By Rupnarayan Bose in True Story | Reads: 364 | Likes: 0

Episode: 1 Place: A major road junction in Calcutta Time: Mid morning on a weekday I am on my way to deliver a lecture. The venue is the training college of a very prominent Calcutta-based bank. I get off the underground Metro rail, climb up the stairs into bright sunshine, and move towards the lin  Read More...

Published on May 13,2020 09:57 AM

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