S A Krishnan

Author S. A. Krishnan grew up with a staple diet of adventure, mystery, and mythology books. She has always had a passion for writing, and her family’s encouragement brought out the storyteller in her.


What began as small scribbles on scraps of paper graduated to short articles, blogs, and finally to novels.


To Catch a Thief, Just Break His....

Books by S A Krishnan

I present to you the Varyana jewels!”

It was a job. That was all. A heist; and Shankar Churl thought he was up to the challenge. For him, that was life.

But with Shreya suddenly walking out on him and being all alone Shankar realizes that someone is after him.

And that person has been setting traps for him.

In the midst of this, Shankar gets himself impossibly caught in a murder - one which could send him straight to the gallows.

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