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The author is a Chartered Accountant based in Chennai. Raised in a traditional Tamil Brahmin family, her initiation into Hindu scriptures started from a very early age, listening to discourses of her Guru since the age of four. This seeded a spiritual bent that grew with age into a deep-rooted fascination for the timeless tenets embedded and the ways of life promulgated in the scriptures and their universal appeal. An avid reader of English classics and novels, a habit that fostered in her an admiration for the language and a penchant for penning her thoughts. The author brought out her first Read More...


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The Nectar Called Grace

Books by S Pavithra Ram

In a world where choices abound, to become all that one wants to be, here is a story of a young man who could only be himself.
Amidst times when people are constantly on the move, leaving their homes, villages and towns, for other cities and countries in search of a better life, here is a man who made it his life’s mission to guard, nourish and preserve his little world–a Temple and the surrounding town!
This work of fiction takes the reade

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The Secret Trove

Books by S Pavithra Ram

Hari, a young entrepreneur and a tender-hearted human who cannot bear to see another in pain. Ananya, a passionate young wife, a musician in the making, with a throbbing zest for life. The story, set in a true to life backdrop, captures the journey of Hari and Ananya, newly married, the tests and challenges the couple and their families undergo in understanding and accepting each other while being true to themselves, their dreams and purpose.

Hari, wit

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A Ride With the River Man

Books by S Pavithra Ram

A fiction based on two South Indian Brahmin families, documenting their journey as they bridge a generation of the past, the values and culture around it, with that of the contemporary. A peek into their everyday lives, the conversations, their minds and menus, their traits and traditions. What are the promises and compromises along the way?

It is the story of the young protagonist who breezily anchors the generational shift, with an egoless mind, a sel

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A Crash Course

By S Pavithra Ram in Life Journey | Reads: 18,705 | Likes: 67

“Abhay! My company is entirely my blood and sweat! “roared Anagha as she stormed into her brother’s office, bejewelled and clad in an exquisite silk saree.“The vision, brain and toil, were all mine! His role is purely cosmetic. Advisory! He is there only to facilitate my drea  Read More...

Published on Jul 3,2022 11:50 PM

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