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S Rengarajan, is a retired engineer, with an inquisitive mind to find meaningful answers to questions on life and its existence. An average retired person exposed to basic spiritual routines, he has approached the subject by going through different religious philosophies. Initially, similar to anybody else, he was perplexed to find that many unbridgeable gaps existed in their view points that could not be explained through realistic logic. In due course, to his surprise, he noticed some similarities in the findings of one advanced scientific research and the passages of one of the Upanishads &Read More...


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Cosmic Intelligence and You

Books by S Rengarajan

Everyone is eager to know where one has come from and where one is heading to. Since the universe itself is a creation from the abstract source – God – it becomes difficult to give valid answers by realistic logics. Hence, all attempts to explain this phenomenon till now through inference, comparison, deduction, and belief have ended up inconclusively, leaving bits of confusion and dismay in many minds.

In this book, an attempt is made to logically a

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