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S V L Narayan

Brand Management Evangelist
Brand Management Evangelist

Handicapped by a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and further weighed down by becoming a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, S V L Narayan had no choice but to earn a living by conventional employment. Freedom came only after retiring from having to slog month after month for a bag of doubloons. Once the children had flown the coop and only a tolerant wife to contend with, his urge to write came to the fore. Unlike many potential authors who pounded pavements to submit their manuscripts, or faced heartbreak seeing the rejection slip, Narayan encountered no such problem beRead More...


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Life Through Rose-Coloured Glasses

Books by S V L Narayan

Every episode in our daily life has an in-built story, no matter how mundane. Unfortunately, that gets overshadowed by other events perceived to be more significant. In this book, the author takes you through a journey of incidents in his life that is sure to connect with the personal memories of each reader. The title ‘Life Through Rose-coloured Glasses’ is a collection of vignettes that reflects the pleasant memories associated with them. After r

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