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Sagarika Priyadarshanee


Sagarika Priyadarshanee is the author of two books: 'Swirling water and lavender' and 'Sapphire - A collection of love chronicles'. She has embarked on a journey to find peace by writing her heart out. Not only that, but also, she is passionate about her work and loves writing immensely. Learning the art of writing is her hobby and exploring different kinds of genres are her kind of thing. Writing became her ultimate saviour and helped her to get through the darkest of days. And she can't ignore the fact that she never wanted to be a writer. She believes in destiny; today, she is here because Read More...


The Adventures Of Annie

Books by Sagarika Priyadarshanee

When you fall in love with the right person at the right time it's magical. This novelette depicts the adventures of Annie. She goes on quests not only in the world she belongs to but also on a different planet. She meets a guy who helps her on her quests and falls head over heels for him. She also meets different people and fights against evil. It is a mixture of supernatural, fantasy and science fiction. Basically, it's a science fantasy. You will find eleme

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