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Sahana Suman

Sahana Suman lives in Chennai. She is a student of Sishya. She started writing her first book at the age of eight and a half in her 3rd Grade. Sahana is a bundle of energy and talent. Her talents and hobbies range from horse riding, ballet, gymnastics, singing, drawing and writing. Sahana brims with life and energy with a quest for excellence in everything she does. She loves her life.Read More...

Adventures of Mr. Munchkins!

Books by Sahana Suman, Rakhi Kapoor

Mr. Munchkins is a happy, fun-loving man and owns an ice cream parlour. Children love to visit his ice cream parlour and relish the various exotic flavours of ice creams he serves. Mr. Munchkins mostly keeps the company of children. Hence, his behavior is childish. He often forgets that he is an adult and gets into all kinds of troubles with the amusing stunts he pulls off. His actions end up irritating his wife most of the time. 


Mr. Munchki

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Amazing Candy Land

Books by Sahana Suman

The amazing candy land is an enticing story for children which captivates their mind and carries them to a world of magic, candies and adventure. It is the story of a beautiful princess named Crystal who turns greedy for power. Her journey is about a tale of adventure magic and solving puzzles which finally ends in Love and Happiness for Melinda and Michael.

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