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Sai Prasad Nanduri

Bangalore, India

The author holds a Post Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for thirty-one years. He has worked closely with Dr A P J Abdul Kalam on the SLV-3 project. He has also worked as a Project Manager on the PSLV project at VSSC, Trivandrum. At ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, he worked as a Senior Scientist, on Micro Gravity and Satellite Recovery Project. After retirement from ISRO, he worked as a Professor in different engineering colleges, at Bangalore, for a decade. This is his fifth book and he is currently interested in pursuing science and spirituality.


The scientists have proposed that the universe came into existence by accident. And due to a series of coincidences, life and consciousness evolved from inert matter. Different religions express faith that God created this universe, and He is controlling it from heaven. In this book it is propounded that both the views do not stand careful scrutiny. It is argued, in a systematic way, that the universe, comprising of space, time, matter, human body, ego, mind and intellect, is not real. Consciousness is the only reality behind this illusory appearance of the world. Everything else is a superimposition on this Consciousness. Removal of ignorance, through self-knowledge, is the only solution f...

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