Sairam and Srividhya

Srividhya is a senior manager in a Fortune 10 company. She has had global leadership roles in business strategy, technology and supply chain. She is a trained financial analyst and cost accountant. Srividhya started her career in the NSE and has been hooked to stocks since then! Sairam is a self-taught investor. He is passionate about analyzing businesses and how they make money. Sairam started investing in the markets in his late teens. He is a technology expert also with a Fortune 10 company. Sairam and Srividhya are keen investors. They have been successfully investing in the stock market fRead More...


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Raghu’s Adventures

Books by Abhinav Sairam

Meet Raghu, a mischievous and playful boy, and his gang of friends Selvam, Shankar, Surya and Ganesh.

Raghu and Vishakh are sworn enemies. Raghu is constantly badgered by his old neighbors.

Ganesh is aghast when he is warned about a possible expulsion from school.

What could possibly happen?

Read on, as Raghu takes you along to experience the exciting escapades with his motely gang.

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Middle Class to Money Class

Books by Sairam And Srividhya

Do you have most of your money in Fixed Deposits?

Does the thought of investing in stocks scare you?

Do you believe that common investors making money in stocks is a myth?

Do you want to learn more about stock picking strategies that can work for you?

Do you crave for financial freedom?

Look no further, this is the right book for you. Unleash the investor in you. Discover how to make money in stocks and the pitfalls you should avo

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Daisy’s Enchanted World

Books by Shambavi Sairam

The book features Daisy, a sweet little girl and her travels through faraway magical lands. The main characters in the book are Daisy and her mother.

Daisy is an orphan girl magically transported to the Land of Enchanted Dreams, where she meets her mother. Their travels take them to faraway lands and encounters with giants and dinosaurs. Soon it is time for Daisy to return to earth. Will Daisy have to leave the Land of Enchanted Dreams?

Join Daisy

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