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A. Sajida Begum

Born and brought up in Gooty (R.S), Andhra Pradesh, Sajida Begum led a very simple and rustic life. Surrounded by her loving parents and ten siblings, she had an enjoyable time growing up. After her schooling in Telugu medium, she went on to pursue her college in Gulbarga. When she randomly chose English Literature as one of her subjects in college, she was amazed at the vastness of it and wanted to explore it more. This curiosity and love towards literature encouraged her to unravel the writings of famous authors and understand human nature in a very different way. She holds two Masters DegreRead More...

The Distant Traveller

Books by A. Sajida Begum

What happens when life throws at you the most terrible moments and you still must smile and live as if your world is perfect?

How would one feel when one’s own father disowns the family for love of another woman?

Life is a strange thing. It mocks people with their own dreams and desires. Be a part of this beautiful journey where a young boy takes all the difficulties in life as challenges and overcomes them with sheer hard work and passion, all t

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