Sajjan Kumar Chauhan

Sajjan Kumar Chauhan was born on 17 April, 1958 in Sonipat, Haryana, India. He Joined police service as ASI in 1982 and is now the Superintendent of Police in Haryana State.  Due to hard work, stress, daily drinking and non-vegetarian food for years, his weight increased to 115 kg in 2003. Multiple health problems such as fistulae, headache, constipation, backache, high blood pressure, survical and sluggishness took over his body. To get rid of these problems, he used different pills, did exercises, used all available online health products, consulted dietitians and doctors but all in vaiRead More...


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Natural Food And Health

Books by Sajjan Kumar Chauhan

Natural food leads to perfect health. Natural weightless and fitness cures all health problems through live natural food. Simple analysis of food nutrients and their effect on health basics, functions and immunity of human body eliminating all toxics from body in a natural way.

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