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Salma Moosa and Vivek Srinivasan

Vivek Srinivasan has been an entrepreneur for the past decade and during this time has dabbled in several businesses. He founded the Startups Club along with Salma Moosa. They have been building the community and the business around it for the past five years. Vivek speaks at several events and is known for talking about Startups as well as technology and future.   Salma Moosa has been a life-long entrepreneur and has been engaged in some venture or the other for the past two and a half decades. Her strengths lie in the area of Marketing and Sales, and she delivers workshops on these subRead More...

A Thought to a Million Dollars

Books by Salma Moosa And Vivek Srinivasan

We often get to hear about the next big fundraise that a startup made and the large plans that they are about to unleash. Entrepreneurs are optimistic people and most often, they initiate the fundraising plan without thinking about what follows. The journey of a startup starts to feel like a journey from one bankruptcy to the next. – Many of us have to project a very successful façade to the outside world and do not talk about the struggles of a startup. T

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