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Samica Mehta is a freelance writer and dancer. She is based in the UK, studying BA Dance at University of Surrey, Guildford. She’s a young girl who dares to dream and live life on her own terms. She is successful at expressing what's in her heart and toughing the nerve of young like-minded individuals. ‘I hope this finds you’ is a soul stirring, frank and fascinating, armed with incredible warmth, intense feelings and down to earth writing - she expresses the feelings of a young dreamer. You can follow her on Facebook (Samica Mehta), Instagram (samicamehta) and Wordpress (amtopmbysm.wordRead More...


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a cup of life for two

Books by Samica Mehta

spoken words are not enough, perhaps why we put them in a book. love is a giant turd —words are chaos, it is the sea upside down, and a delusion of galaxy on the floor. this is your saliva, it remains in your mouth and when in need, you may rub it on a bleeding wound. it is the sensation of the creator, you on your knees with your emotions in a cup of tea. wearing your heart with pride on your sleeve. there is no two ways to put it — i am giving you the pe

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i hope this finds you

Books by Samica Mehta

i close my eyes putting my most beautiful dream of watching you sleep to an end

i hold you, because i can, and let my body whisper

“you make self-love look so easy and beautiful.”


you gave a face to my future and my dreams

you gave my direction a path

my calls of hope a voice to reach

my eyes a sight to see


“you’ve got sad eyes with a hint of braveness,” is all she said,

that moment chan

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