Sanjay Goel

The author is a practicing Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, who specializes in Human Rights and Public Interest matters. Since his childhood, he has been keenly interested in spirituality, philosophy and ancient Vedic knowledge, and has devoted a lot of time on the research of these subjects. The observations in the book are based upon his own personal experiences and research on the subject. A large number of similar articles written by him have already been published in ‘The Speaking Tree’ (Times of India) and The Hindustan Times Newspaper. Please visit the following page for more details - website-sanjaygoel.info Read More...

The Ultimate Truth, Knowledge & Wisdom

Books by Sanjay Goel

What is the purpose of life? Do worldly success, material comforts, health and wealth ensure happiness and peace?

What are good and bad Karmas? What causes all that happens to us in this life... our karma or fate?

Is there a state called death? Is there rebirth after death?

Is everything preordained, or are we responsible for our doings?

How can we achieve ultimate peace and bliss?

These are some of the questions that we keep aski

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