Saqib Abraham

Saqib Abraham  born in March 13, 1989 in Poonch District of Jammu and Kashmir. Ever since childhood, he has had an artistic proclivity for writing, singing and music. He is a nature lover who has recognized the values of beauty in art and music. Having lived close to the beauty of nature, it has influenced his writings and songs which are mostly written and sung in praise of nature and its mystification.  He is a passionate musician, singer, song writer, poet and painter.

‘Music is a creation of Almighty', ‘Symphony of the prophets’, 'Voice of David (Dawood Al-ey-Salaam)’ resides deep down to your heart Dances upon your breast 'Answer to your soul, Reflection to your mind’, 'Door between wisdom and love', ‘The bridge between soul and body’ 'Yawn at Dawn’- Saqib Abraham



The Prophet’s Epistle

Books by Saqib Abraham

I see the string of time, surrendered on the wings of Neptune's birth, where the half-moon proclaims the divinity’s song with the rise of Maghrib- Saqib Abraham

‘The Prophet's Epistle’is a kaleidoscope of irenic poems. This book is a poetic approach to find reality, perfection and beauty with infinitude. It looks at God’s relation with the people of earth –musicians, lovers, Travellers Saints Sages women believers, orphans and disheartened peop

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