Dr. Saumya Goyal

Author And Mental Health Evangalist
Author And Mental Health Evangalist

Dr. Saumya Goyal: Saumya is a mental health evangelist who focuses on the importance of emotional wellness across generations and genders. She holds a PhD in psychology and is a Gold Medalist with dual Master’s in Management and Psychology, post her Bachelor’s in Engineering. A practicing psychologist, she is also the founder of WEQIP™ - a collaborative platform for mental health warriors with an aim to spread awareness and remove stigma around this topic. She has published her work in leading national and international journals and regularly writes articles, blogs and poems on women’sRead More...


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Books by Dr. Saumya Goyal, Namita Jain

the pen and the brush came together 

interweaving and interlacing

making yarns of self-love 

the warp and the weft of hope and nature 

tying the knots of matters of the mind 

so, as these pages you rustle 

enjoy the fabric we call Unhustle 

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खुद से भी

By Dr. Saumya Goyal in Poetry | Reads: 114 | Likes: 1

चाँद से, सूरज से, सितारों से भी, नदियों से, पर्वतों से, वादियों से भी, सबसे करो प्यार मगर ये याद तुम रखो, थोड़ी मोहब्बत ख  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 11:56 AM

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