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Selvan Athishtaraj is an expert on supply chain and sourcing. Athishtaraj has a degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business management. He has been working in an Indian multinational conglomerate for the past 15 years across various functions. When he was working in the automobile industry, Athishtaraj played a pivotal role in cluster development and the implementation of the model line concept at tier 1 and 2 levels, in small and medium enterprises. In 2020, Athishtaraj published the book Basics of Strategic Sourcing. The book received a good response from business managers, entRead More...

Understanding the Shift!

Books by Selvan Athishtaraj V

In the today’s corporate world, business management is very important.  Business strategies are chalked out based on the customer’s needs and affinity. This is where business models become significant. 

Thirty years ago, ordering any commodity or article was a tedious process with a long waiting time for customers. Choices and comparisons were limited. However, with the reinvention of the business model in late 1985, business transactions have bee

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Books by Selvan Athishtaraj V

This book is an outline for identifying potential vendors, conducting negotiations and engaging purchasing agreements to provide goods and/or services that meet procurement needs. In the course of time the role and character of purchasing has been changing constantly. Traditionally, purchasing was seen as merely a supportive and supplementary operational activity with little significance on a firm’s performance. 

This approach however conveys

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