10 Years of Celebrating Indie Authors

KK Senthil Velan, Nithin Ram and Pradeep Menon

Senthil Velan Senthil has almost two decades of experience operating within cybersecurity, working within HP Labs and Symantec prior to joining Zacco. His extensive knowledge and experience includes diverse areas such as secure code development, malware analysis, vulnerability management and research and security maturity assessment. Starting his career as a security consultant, Senthil is now considered to be an expert in exploit analysis and threat hunting, regularly conducting red team assessments and often acting as lead in breach investigations for international companies. Nithin Ram NithRead More...


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Historical Analysis of Popular Cybersecurity Exploit Kits

Books by KK Senthil Velan, Nithin Ram And Pradeep Menon

Discover how exploit kits have evolved in recent years and why such kits still represent a serious digital threat. This book explores the reasons why exploit kits have been so successful, how they differ in their attack approach and how they have been used in everything from data theft to cryptocurrency mining.

Offering extensive insight into their functionality and features, the authors will walk you through the most infamous exploit kits of the past d

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Strife of the Scions

Books by Rohini Menon

The ‘strife’ is a competition among noble families to win the throne. The contenders are tested with a series of challenging events to see if they are worthy enough to be the king of the country. Only a few people have made it out alive.

Aaron was a rebellious, awkward and loud kid with his head stuck in the clouds. At the end of the day, he was just another ordinary kid raised by his single mother who worked hard for him. Never in his seventeen yea

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