Shabana Sayed

Shabana Sayed is a hard-working homemaker. Writing stories has been her childhood dream but this is the first time she has revealed her creations to the world. Every story of hers shares a message. Recently, she directed a short movie with a message called Tum khush raho, which is viewable on YouTube.


When she writes the climax of her stories, she doesn’t settle on it until she is satisfied that she has written a story that touches people’s heart with a heartfelt message. She believes that talent cannot be contained within a box and that it will definitely come out in some way or the other. This is what she is trying to do through this novel.Hope it touches your heart and you like it.



Books by Shabana Sayed

Sometimes the person who hurts us the most is the one standing beside us during tough times. The scars they give us are forgotten, and this is what is unveiled in the story. Vikas is a boy from a small village with big dreams of earning a reputation for himself in the sports world. However, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to become a legend in football.

Innocently thinking that the world is the reflection of himself, he isn’t aware of the people who

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