Subhash Hada

Subhash Hada is an eminent and successful businessman of stature who is well-known and respected in business circles. He is also a benevolent philanthropist and chief sponsor of Bharat Chetna, an organization dedicated to nationalism, patriotism and the preservation of Indian culture. His concern for marginalized and oppressed citizens is exemplary. Mr. Hada is very well-connected, socially and culturally, being a member of several elite clubs in Kolkata. He has been President of the prestigious Bengal Rowing Club where Indian traditions and values are deeply rooted. Mr. Hada edited for a longRead More...


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India was first betrayed by Jai Chand and then by Muslim Invaders followed by the East India Company and their British Rulers .

However the most unfortunate part is that afterwards India was deliberately let down by its own people for sixty years. In such a situation whom can you blame ? You , me or all of us really who allowed ourselves to be deceived and looted and made second class citizens in our own country – despite clearly being the majorit

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