Shahin Riaz

Writer, Thriller Enthusiast
Writer, Thriller Enthusiast

Shahin Riaz is an e-commerce expert working in the retail industry for the past nine years. He is an avid reader and has often been found guilty of thinking a bit too much. He has a way with words and has managed to create magic with them. He is his family’s designated wedding card creator and has already written a college murder mystery novella The College Collude, which was published in India and abroad and has won rave reviews within his social circle.


Shahin is a big-time foodie and an even bigger cricket/football enthusiast. He has an innate sense of his surroundings and is great at reading human emotions. These poems are a straight-from-the-heart experience. Shahin wishes to become a full-time author somewhere in the future.



A Thorn among Roses

Books by Shahin Riaz

A Thorn among Roses is a collection of poems that you will relate to. These poems signify the emotional turmoil every individual goes through during various phases of their lives. Here’s a book that will bring a smile to your face through self-realization and a “been there done that” feeling.

There’s The Enchantment between Dawn and Dusk to start off with. There’s the lover’s eye in The Eyes that Follow, the hope of

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The College Collude

Books by Shahin Riaz


Marty? Shane? Mandy? Radash? Kranti? Christy? Ajay? Paul? Peter? Rahul?

A rollicking college life comes to a halt at mid-air for 10 undergrads as Inspector John plays a cat and mouse game with them to find the murderer of their Physical Dept in-charge Tommy.

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