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Shaik Khaja Shahabuddin

I being a double-degree holder had never found happiness in doing any kind of regular jobs, even though I completed my projects successfully and got good salary or perks (my first job abroad in the year 2000 got me a salary of 1000 US $/month). By the time I realized that I had to do something in my life which gives me satisfaction or happiness and allows me to follow my passion to innovate/create/improvise and rule the world through my ideas, 20 years had passed from the day I got out of college or stepped into the job world. Today, I am in my early 40s and I realized that I have got a speciaRead More...



Books by Shaik Khaja Shahabuddin

Innovation is the result of revelation and the result is a miracle to help the creation, the individuals are selected, tried, and tested and only those who are tough, reliable, trustworthy and patient will be given the chance to become a legend, visionary personality, and the legacy is everlasting.

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