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Shaji K. John

Kalarippayattu Practitioner & Instructor
Kalarippayattu Practitioner & Instructor

Shaji K John (b.1970) is a professional Kalarippayattu instructor. He is a student of Shri E P Vasudevan Gurukkal, Kaduthuruthy (Kerala), and has been trained in the Northern Style Kalarippayattu for nearly ten years. He has won the District Championship (1986–1991) and State Championship (1988–1989) in Kerala. Shaji joined the dance-choreographer, Chandralekha, under the instruction of his Gurukkal. He has performed in nine creative productions of Chandralekha, between 1986 and 2016, in both national and international venues. He self-published his first book titled Kalarippayattu: The MarRead More...


Books by Shaji K. John

Kalarippayattu is an indigenous martial art of Kerala. I am a traditionally trained Kalarippayattu practitioner. I joined the Indian contemporary dance-choreographer, Chandralekha (1928–2006), in Chennai, as instructed by my Kalari Guru Shri E P Vasudevan Gurukkal (1932–2015) (Kaduthuruthy, Kerala). I worked with Chandralekha and performed nine of her creative productions for twenty years (1986–2006). I continued to perform her last creative production f

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