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Shana Jaroli

pouring words with a sobbing heart.
pouring words with a sobbing heart.

shana jaroli, is a student, poet, and an ardent reader. she started her collection of poems in 2015 when she first wrote a poem about her ‘home’ where she felt comforted to all the extents. the motivation struck along when she realized that writing was just putting the simple words on the surface with whole of one’s heart; writing was being vulnerable. poetry in her life played a huge role to deal with different stages of life; some experiences made her want to cry poetry out and some urged her to read poetry out to the world. she is a 18 year old, holding interests from web developmentRead More...

Roses and Me

Books by Shana Jaroli

we spend our lives
preparing ourselves 
for life

this is a story
this is a journey
about betrayal
about tear filled glasses
about heavy hearts
about fighting
about learning
about not giving up

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Books by Shana Jaroli

this is a story

a thought

a feeling

this is my life

with a roller coaster of 


words i have loved

ignored, nurtured and 

kissed with my heart

this is me.


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