Vidya Raghunathan


Shantha was born and educated in Delhi. She lives in Gurgaon with her friends and family. Laburnum Lanes is her fifth book of poems.


Laburnum Lanes

Books by Shantha

Bliss is like those tiny, beautiful shells that you’d find on a beach. It is there one minute and then, almost immediately, taken away by the waves. It never appears twice in the same form. This is why the poet feels in her heart that it is best to let nature speak — giving voice to the voiceless, empowering the weak and breaking the silence forced upon it by humans. What we need is harmony — with nature, within ourselves. This is the way to live… in s

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Chats with a Pet

Books by Shantha

Enter the enchanting world of pigeons and a poetess in Chats with a Pet. This is a book of poetry inspired by Poe-Ting, a visiting pigeon. A dramatic meeting led to the pigeon making an extended stay with the poet. Just like the author, the pigeon is fighting against her old way of life. Together, they are on a journey of dreams for each other’s happiness and well-being. The pigeon and her family await the poet’s prayers to start their day and mak

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Householder Tales

Books by Shantha

This book is the reflections of a seeker as she walks through the noisy lanes of life.

Talking of the basic brass-tacks of householders’ lives, their longings and desires, their inner cravings and outer compulsions, their seeking of something more, something greater while wading through the sticky web of earthly living…

She drives through streets of life, finds homes with characters and houses with features. Living effectively needs flavour

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Souliloquy With A Traveller

Books by Shantha

This is a book of poetry with light words and deep thoughts.

Ranging from Nature to parenthood, the poet finds a muse in every little thing she sees around her.

Poetry is the unchecked reflection of inner thought that is truer than prose. This is one book that brings you that emotion – in simple verse.

Pick this up and read on a quiet afternoon or a dreamy night.

You will not be disappointed.

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Too Far Too Deep

Books by Shantha

When one is not understood, a sense of betrayal starts entering the body that then works to destroy one's external world.

Is this the end? Is there a plausible source of all suffering, which I may find in my wandering words? Yes, yes. The answer keeps coming. The quest has to continue irrespective of the answer.

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