Shivani is an engineer. She has no mention of literature in her degrees, but her heart is a different story altogether.   She usually writes for herself, her diary and the corner of her heart that craves for a vent. She writes when she is dumbstruck and she writes when she is spellbound. So she has God to thank for her gift of gab and life for turning her into a poet. Read More...


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A Poem That Did Not Rhyme

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This book is an ensemble of poems, all written randomly at random hours in random moods, posed by random situations. There is no pattern to any of it, that’s the whole point – Life as it came, raw and fresh, put out in front of the world. If anything, they are all one in the way they have been penned down-in the moment, in deep honesty. This is a journal through life by means of poetry. Every poem has a lesson that inspired it and a memory that lives with

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Love and War

By Shivani in Poetry | Reads: 159 | Likes: 5

When all allegations And complaints, Ended. When you had said, What you could have. And I said, What I could.  When there was no answer to "What now?" In that moment of utter silence, Where our lives could have taken  Just about any path... Standing on that fork, I realised What we have is spec  Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 10:17 PM

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