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Shivansh Gupta

Shivansh Gupta is a multi-talented teenager, a Grade 8 student of International Curriculum and a recipient of multiple awards. He is a national debating champion and 2nd best speaker in NSDA’s India Tournament. He is a coder par excellence with knowledge of over 15 languages and frameworks in computers and has built over 500+ applications to help society! He has received awards in famous hackathons and wishes to become a computer scientist when he grows up. He loves tingling with circuits and has a keen interest in robotics. Apart from his expertise in coding languages, he is also a linguistRead More...

13 Life Lessons by a 13 Year Old

Books by Shivansh Gupta

Are you a teenager? Great, then you must read further. Albert Einstein once said, “The measure of your intelligence is your ability to change”. Today’s teenagers need to learn how to change and be agile in this ever-changing world.

Meet Shivansh Gupta, a highly motivated and successful teenager who penned down 13 life lessons he has learnt and now wants to share with his teenage friends around the world. He not only shares his thoughts but also ex

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