Shobana Gomes

Shobana Gomes is Poet/Writer from Malaysia. She started by writing poetry in a writing portal in the year 2007. She has since published a book of modern day poetry entitled "Imagination Unchained" and 4 fiction which can be found on She is the recipient of the Top 10% among writers award for her book A Christmas Duet in the Inkitt Grand Novel Contest. A Christmas Duet is now published in hardcover/ebook by Notion Press. Shobana is married with two children. Read More...


A Christmas Duet

Books by Shobana Gomes

Written in the first narrative, this is a story told by Robert Chandon Smith who falls headlong in love with a woman by the name of Catherine Mason.

A high ranking Corporate Executive working with an Oil & Gas company based in Asia and whose term of office was coming to an end with retirement, Robert Chandon Smith had always put his job as a priority above all else and had his marriage fail due to that. He has two children from that first marriage an

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Dalia woke up that morning a little discomfited by the numbness she felt in her head. As she strained to sit up on her bed holding her head in both her hands, she groaned when she felt sudden sharp jabs running through the nerve ends and which appeared as though they were relentlessly picking at he  Read More...

Published on Aug 23,2017 01:04 PM

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