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I am Shraddha Anu Shekar. I love to doodle, write, take pictures, and most of all, travel. I am the goalkeeper for my school's under 14 girls football team. My sister and I, run Shekar Talkies, our photography and art showcasing company. I specialise in black and white portrait photography, and aspire to be a journalist. Check out my writing and photographs at I would love to receive your feedback at More...


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MURUGA – The God of War

Books by Shraddha Anu Shekar

Demons, Gods, starry maids, and war messengers. What do all these have to do with the Tamil God Muruga? Have you heard about “Uchchaissravas”, the white horse? Or “Vaasuki”, the five- headed snake? Do you know how many vehicles Muruga has? Or how he was born? NO? THAT is why you have to pick up this book right now.

Lord Muruga’s stories, through the voice of a 11- year old. This book has enchanting and captivating stories of the ever-loved God

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The Adventures of Morty

Books by Shraddha Anu Shekar

The book features Morty, her cases and her adventures. The main characters in the book are Morty’s mother Liana, Morty’s father Robert and Grandmother Penny.

Her travels take her to Egypt, the Alps, to a shipwreck and a host of other places, including fictional ones such as Megton and Lalaland.

She uses her sleuthing skills to solve cases, and has the Queen of England as one of her clients!

Jump in for an adventurous journey with Morty th

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The Ghatotkacha Game

Books by Pravin Shekar , Shraddha Anu Shekar


Are there any? 

Would it be a stretch to connect the dots, to learn from stories of yore, from characters that have been chiselled and enhanced across centuries?

A marketer seeks inspiration from all possible sources, including ones that are clearly outliers! Let us take one particular character from the Mahabharata.

Ghatotkacha is a very powerful character

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