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Dr. Shreedher Priyan is a medical graduate and a native of Thanjavur. He is 24 years of age and is rightly called the youngest upcoming historical fiction writer. Since childhood, he has been actively engaged in varied creative art works. Priyan is also a district cricket player, a guitarist as well as educationally competitive. This fiction is the product of his five-year intellectual labor. For quoting this novel, he was helped by his college juniour Ms. Vinitha Paramasivam, who is well versed in writing poems. His experimental shortfilm scripts have been released on his YouTube channel PriyRead More...


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बेच्चूलर आफ़ क्रिकेट

Books by श्रीधर प्रियं

एक मध्यवर्गीय का इतिहास

फ्रं ट फु ट, बैक फु ट, स्क्वायर कट, लॉफ्ट, लाइन, लेंथ, पेस, बाउंस.…

क्रिके ट आपको ये सब सि खाता है और बहुत कु छ...

खेल की भावना, कड़ी मेहनत, हर अवसर का म

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Bachelor of Cricket

Books by Shreedher Priyan

A Middle class Memoir

Front foot, Backfoot, Square cut, Loft, Line, Length, Pace, Bounce....
Cricket teaches you all this and much more
Game spirit, Hardwork, Value of every opportunity, Attitude, Perseverance,
Consistency, Tolerance, Partiality, Casteism..

What happens when a 15 year old boy gets bombared with the above?
What happens when he finally realises that there's no place for cricket in
his future.

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பேச்சுலர் ஆஃப் கிரிக்கெட்

Books by ஸ்ரீதர் பிரியன்

ஒரு நடுத்தர இளைஞனின்  வாழ்க்கைக் குறிப்பு

பிரண்ட் புட், பேக் புட், ஸ்கொயர் கட், லாஃப்ட், லைன் , லெங்க்த் , ஃபேஸ், பெளன்ஸ்....

கிரிக்கெட் உங்களுக்கு இவைகள் மட்டுமின்றி பலவ

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Books by

கிபி 13ஆம் நூற்றாண்டு

வலிமைமிக்க சோழப்பேரரசு வீழ்ச்சியை சந்தித்துக்கொண்டிருந்தது. கொடியவர்கள் அறிந்துவிடக்கூடாத ரகசியத்தைக் காக்கும் பொறுப்

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Coded Triangles

Books by Shreedher Priyan

13th Century AD

The once mighty Chola Empire is on the decline. Rajendhra Chola III shoulders the grave responsibility of finding a way to ensure that the secret is safe guarded from the wrong hands.


1996 AD

Vikraman, the lawyer, loses a sensational case in Tanjore and his clients want pay back. They want everyone related to him dead. They start by kidnapping his son.


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