shreya dutta

Shreya (born 17th September 1993), lives in the serene and friendly town of Dhanbad, Jharkhand. She is a twenty-two year old student, who enjoys the simple pleasures of life with child-like enthusiasm. She considers the fictional world to be her second home, and credits the atmosphere of her hometown for propelling her on her journey as a writer. Shreya is a nature lover, who loves to capture the beauty of her surroundings. Her favourite pastimes apart from writing are reading, just picking up a book and getting lost in the world of fantasy, or spending cherished moments with her cute Dalmatian. She loves to travel, to explore new places and get to know new people. She has a natural interest in people and places. So if you are in need of a friend or have something to share, feel free to ask her. She will always be there to listen as a good friend. Read More...

You are my Heartbeat

Books by Shreya Dutta

Everyone who saw them thought that Aarav and Anushka were a made for each other couple… He had wealth, position and power; and she had beauty, charm and sophistication. Both had youth and vitality…

But few know the truth buried in the pasts of these two charming young people…

They are drawn to each other like a pair of magnets. But how true it is that the path of true love rarely runs smooth!

As this story filled with sorrow, hope, gree

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