Shubha Sagar

Maharashtra, India

Shubha Sagar is an educator by profession, currently living in Mumbai. She is also a counselor, a tarot reader and an avid blogger. Being a Postgraduate in Life Sciences, she has been appreciated for her English language skills in all the reputed schools she has worked in across the country. During her career spanning twenty five years, she has traveled extensively across India and abroad and she attributes her insight into the various facets of life to this exposure. She owes her passion for writing, to her wonderful teachers, who imbibed in her, the love for prose and poetry. Throughout her teaching career, she wrote prayers, nature and inspirational poems but the idea to collate all these and present it to her readers, struck recently when she took break from work. This book is a fulfillment of a long cherished dream of hers. Through this debut book, she hopes to strike a chord with her readers.


William Wordsworth's beautiful quote on poetry, "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart,"aptly describes the poems in the author's debut poetry book, Heartfelt Poems!When the breathings and pouring of the heart take the form of poems, they strike a chord with everyone. This book brings forth a compendium of thirty one poems, written in traditional style, catering to a wide range of human emotions, experienced in the ongoing journey of life. The poems, "Dear God, I Wish to Thank You Today" and "A Plea to Humanity", resurrect the faith in the Almighty and in humanity, whereas "The Power of Positive Thoughts" and "Beautiful Lessons of Lif...

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