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Shubhangi Aich

Writer, Student
Writer, Student

Shubhangi Aich is a thirteen-year-old girl with a wild imagination and a craving for books. From a young age, she was practically surrounded by them, so books became her whole childhood. She is especially a fan of fantasy and can’t imagine her life without magic, regardless of whether it actually exists or if it’s something made-up, though she does believe it exists. She is a hardcore fan of anime and would die to have some caramel whether it would be in a chocolate, drink etc. She lives in Bengaluru, Whitefield and aims to be an author of various genres. Read More...

Reclaiming the Throne of Astrea

Books by Shubhangi Aich

‘It’s funny how the world could do good for you in the most mysterious and twisted ways, isn’t it?'

Opaline River has already got a lot to think about, especially after her mother died. Looks like fate has got other plans as it ropes her into a world unimaginable. Specifically in the kingdom of mages called Astrea where her mother was the queen. Her mother was dead, but the mages she meets say otherwise. 

With danger coming from every corn

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