Shwetha S Chetty

Oh no… she is not another graduate from an IIT. Nor does she hold dollars in her bank account! A simple girl from a small town called Hosur in Tamil Nadu, she has to her credit a Master’s in International Business. Brought up by a single mother since she was a year old, determination and strength were obviously ingrained in her, making them her biggest weapons. Who doesn’t like listening to a story? She loves listening to stories, but she’s found peace in writing a few ones as well. At present, Shwetha S Chetty resides and works in Bangalore. Picture Courtesy Mr. PraveRead More...


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The Guinea Pig on the Wheel

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Were you ever asked to settle down in life? Did the pressures of society get to you? Your friends telling you to get married on and off? The announcing of newborns or wedding dates adding to the weight? Would you really go down that path if you had a choice?

Kaira thought she was independent from all this too, until age caught up. Suddenly, the whole wardrobe of social media had ramp walks of pregnant friends, photo shoots of newly-weds and wedding blin

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Welcome Home!

By Shwetha S Chetty in General Literary | Reads: 802 | Likes: 4

“Oh I don’t seem to hear anything much, over these past few days, do you?”, asked the shiny long-snouted dolphin Maria to her playmate Andrea. "No, I don’t either", said Andrea and jumped up and splashed into the sparkling water with joy. "Andrea, let’s go and see, c&rs  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 01:34 PM

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