Sia Kee Leong

Story teller
Story teller

A teacher, story teller and a kids lover, Sia Kee Leong, a Malaysian born Chinese, serving in an orphanage home is passionate in story telling, especially to the children. He loves the joy, fun and laughter that come from story-telling moment with the children. The Whale Island is his first book written as a birthday gift for his girlfriend. Enjoy! story book. Read More...


The Whale Island

Books by Sia Kee Leong

There is no land left on the Earth after many years other than The Whale Island. This seemingly ordinary island has some interesting phenomena. The characters who live on the island are happy, they have their own characteristic, but sometimes they are just confused, troubled by some incidents, past experiences and problems. Each of those were happened because of a reasonable explanation. This simple story is to be read relaxingly. Spend 10 minutes of your life

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