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Akashsiddarth is a 14-year old student of Prof. KK Anand's Smart Minds Academy, an alternative school for gifted and talented youngsters. He's a science fiction geek and has read countless books of that genre. He also loves writing and that love for writing has led to the creation of the book you now hold in your hands. He lives with his parents in Chennai, India.


Feel free to reach him at It might take him some time to reply but he'll always set aside time to answer emails from his readers


Beyond Infinity

Books by Akashsiddarth

When the world changed once and for all…

 In 2043, aliens arrived in huge numbers and attacked Earth. A war was waged and millions died but not in vain. The armies from all nations joined hands and finally succeeded in defeating the aliens after a fateful battle which came to be known as the Great War!

The old nemesis returns…

Thirty years later, the aliens enter the solar system to invade Earth again. There’s only one way to defeat th

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