Sivakumar Palaniappan

Sivakumar Palaniappan was born in an agricultural family in a town near Kangayam in Tirupur district of Tamilnadu. As a first generation graduate, he received his degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and worked for 8 years as an Engineer and Technical Leader in some of the leading companies like Wipro Technologies, NXP Semiconductors, and Qualcomm. When his interest in Electronics Engineering turned towards Human Engineering, he did MBA in Human Resources and worked in a leading German company - Robert Bosch as HR Manager for a few years. He is an expert in Brain Science, PositRead More...


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தொழில் முனைப்பில் வெற்றி

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உலகெங்கும் தொழில் முனைவோருக்கான மதிப்பும் அங்கீகாரமும் பெருகி வரும் காலம் இது. தொழில் முனைப்பிற்கான வாய்ப்புகளும், அதற்குண்டான சாத்தியங்களும் பெருகி வருகிறது. புதிதாக சி

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Vaazhvenapaduvadhu Yaadhenil

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You would have seen so many books in life and would have questions like Why should I read this book? What’s so special in this book? What does this have in it that wasn’t there in other books? Will this book change my life?

In between the lines of every book, there are secrets awaiting for its passionate reader. For a reader who knows to find those secrets, books are truly life-changing. If a book can help you move from one state

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Become an Engineer Not Just an Engineering Graduate

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This book “Become an Engineer, Not just an Engineering Graduate” is written with the aim of encouraging engineering graduates to be passionate engineers, help them enhance their employability potential and enable them to sculpt their career as exuberant engineers. Need of the hour is not just the IT professionals, but exuberant engineers who have the courage to confidently take-on the technological challenges of today and tomorrow. We need engine

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