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Siya is a fictional character whose eyes the author uses as a mirror to reflect the teenage world. It is also the pen-name of said author, Anjali Roongta. Anjali is a twenty-something student living in Pune, India, who has published another book before this. An avid reader, she loves fan-fiction and her stories are a mix of real-life experiences, stories heard from others, and those developed through her own imagination—courtesy of a lot of reading. In this book, she presents a set of poetry that Siya feels are issues and thoughts that cross the minds of teenagers and young adults.

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Instagram: muses_saga or siyaa20_official


Diary of a Twenty-Something

Books by Anjali Roongta

This book contains a set of poems detailing some struggles faced by teenagers, written from the perspective of one of their own. Sit back and dive into the complexities and darkness of the young adult world as through the eyes and imagination of Siya, who's just another teenager facing issues that range from mental health to sexual abuse to romance. 

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