Snigdha Agrawal

Snigdha Agrawal (nee Banerjee) is Bengali born and was raised in a cosmopolitan environment, with exposure to the eastern and western cultures, imbibing the best of both worlds. Educated in Loreto Convent School and College, her outlook on life is balanced, which reflects on her writings. With over two decades of experience working in reputed multinationals, her observations are not limited to pedantic learning alone.   She is a versatile writer, writing all genres of poetry, prose, short stories, travelogues, and restaurant reviews on Tripadvisor, under pen name puchka.  She is a published Read More...


Minds Unplugged

Books by Snigdha Agrawal

This book will take readers on an emotional roller coaster ride through stories and rhymes. A book meant for keepsakes, for the future generations to read of an unusual past.

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Evocative Renderings

Books by Snigdha Agrawal

Evocative Renderings is a collection of poems written in simplistic style.

The imagery-based verses are written in tercets, quatrains, and garland cinquains.

The poems are based on nature, romance, relationships, and unfair social practices that are often swept under the carpet.

The author is a regular contributor to international online poetry forums.

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Oh! Not Again

By Snigdha Agrawal in Women's Fiction | Reads: 2,624 | Likes: 0

Oh! Not Again   "It's time you moved in with us. We are concerned about your safety and well-being. There is no point in putting up the bravado act.  You know you are getting older and it's getting increasingly dangerous for seniors to live alone. You must have read what hap  Read More...

Published on Jun 30,2022 05:29 PM

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