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Som Nath Bhasin was born in Peshawar in 1941. He and his wife, Mrs. Chanchal Bhasin stay in Gurugram (Haryana). He served the government till his retirement in 2001.  He married in 1970 and his three daughters are married and permanently settled in Sydney (Australia).  Hence, he and his wife often visit Australia to be with their daughters and grandchildren. After his retirement in 2001, he felt that there was enough time at his disposal and hence decided to write poetry.  His wife, daughters and sons-in-law encouraged him to write poetry as that would greatly help him spend hisRead More...


Literary Waves

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Literary Waves is an inspirational journey to give expression to the imagination, to invoke the love and longing of the keen readers of poetry, with all its metaphors and similes, more so, the rhyming, all encompassed in it.

The euphoria of the rising sun, the elegance and the broad smile of the sunflower, the elation of the wedding glitz, the passion for sandy beaches, have all been woven with the intense love for poetry in the Literary W

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Dedicated to my grandchildren: Jai, Misha, Shiv, Nikita, Avishay & Aisha(twins),and Syan.   LOVEBIRDS Divine hope in despair;  love is worship, love is prayer.  Happening often unawares; when and where not defined.   Supremely gracious tranquil  smile; the adage goes, “love is blind”.   Read More...

Published on Feb 26,2021 09:11 AM

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