Soma Glick

Soma was born in the island of Madagascar, into a family of allopathic doctors.  She spent her childhood in Paris, France and her teenage-years back in the island.  She returned to France for her university studies. Upon completion, she became a disciple of Bhagwan Rajneesh in Poona.  Soma became a certified massage therapist in the year 1986, then joined a full-time course of Oriental Medicine in 1990 and moved to Bali to practice acupuncture. In 1993, she discovered her second spiritual Master, Papaji and spent 3 years in Lucknow, India, until Papaji passed away. She then mRead More...


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To Love

By Soma Glick in Poetry | Reads: 72 | Likes: 0

Let's forsake forever the company of men At the knock of midnight, let's fly from the city And in a deep forest, build a house in a tree To listen to the nymphs all day singing hymen. Let's live naturally and just follow the mood Sometimes adventurous filling our hearts with thrill Watching with wo  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 09:23 AM

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