Soumya Mukherjee

Soumya is an alumnus of St Stephen’s College and Delhi School of Economics, where he was supposed to have studied Economics. However, he did not let studies interfere with his education. He earns his daily bhat maach by working for a PSU insurance company, and lectures for peanuts. He is addicted to the printed word and has been devouring it since learning to read. In whatever time this leaves him, he pursues his other passions - family, friends, films, travel, food, trekking, wildlife, music, theatre and occasionally writing. He has been published in TOI, HT, Express, and other papers and magazines. He has also been learning how to blog for the tech-challenged. He currently lives in Mumbai with his wife, who hasn’t given up hopes of making something out of him. She continues to oversee his education, ably helped by their two daughters through correspondence, since they have long flown the nest. This is hopefully the first of his many books. To sample his other outpourings, try his blog at soumyamukherjee8.wordpress.com or Google Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow. His nom de plume is Wise Guy of the East. The illustrator, Parmita, is a budding artist currently studying at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore.

Memories- A Novella

Books by Soumya Mukherjee

It is said that if you were in Delhi University in the eighties and remember it, you weren't there. Our hero was very much there, and what he remembers has filled a book.

Follow Boy in this delightfully funny coming-of-age tale as he outwits homework, wrestles with hormones, navigates bullies, gets “high”er education, learns the vertical expression of horizontal intentions (otherwise known as dance), barely manages to get employed and finally gets hi

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