Dr Soundar Divakar

Soundar Divakar is a retired Scientist whose research career of over 38 years, in the area of Bio-Organic Chemistry, has resulted in 151 manuscripts and a book on Enzymatic Transformation by Springer, along with publications and patents. His interest in Astrology has led him to learn and investigate various systems of prediction for 43 years. He has made a lot of effort to understand the principles of Naadi system of prediction, which he has found to be quite scientific, logical and rational.

Together, both the authors have done a lot of research on the scientific aspects of astrology. They have also published articles and have attempted to correlate astrology to the lensing effect of planets. The authors realized that the books on Naadi astrology available in the market do not describe all the rules clearly, resulting in quite a lot of ambiguity. This book is a result of their effort and understanding of the Naadi astrology.

Vikram Divakar is an Electronic Engineer and is currently employed in a financial concern in the US. In his spare time, he is also actively involved in developing prediction programs based on the Naadi system of prediction.


Language of Rahu

Books by Vikram Divakar Soundar Divakar

The Ancient Indian astrological system of prediction, namely the Naadi system, is unique in its accuracy in predicting the events in one's life. However, the rules are rather complex and have been closely guarded secrets, through the ages. There are several Naadi systems and each one has its own method, with slight variations.

This book deals with its own Naadi method with an assurance for better accuracy in predictions. It pr

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